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Fury was London Cornish’s first gig, launched to great fanfare in August 2016 with guests from Sports England, the CPGA and some familiar faces representing London Cornish. Fury was launched from the Ahoy centre on the Isle of Dogs, East London. An appropriate launch site given that, according to the Falmouth Packet Newspaper at least, this part of the London saw the quashing of Cornish Rebellion in 1497. Safe to say that 3 boats, a clubhouse and many members later this Cornish assault on the capital has proven somewhat more successful…

Fury was first launched in 1992 and was built by Ralph Bird for Falmouth Gig Club. It was there Fury stayed until 2016 before the move up-country.


Tormentor is on its 5th incarnation in a short 24 year life. Launched as Tormentor in 1995 and built by Currah boat builders in Looe, Tormentor belonged to Charlestown Gig Club until 2008. According to the Charlestown website, Tormentor was sold to fund the construction of ‘Defender’ which was launched in 2009. Tormentor swapped the South Coast of Cornwall for the North and belonged to Padstow Gig Club from 2008 to 2010 and was christened Vixen. In 2010, another cross county hop saw Vixen relocate to Flushing and Mylor Gig Club. Another club, another name. This time ‘Trefusis’ was chosen. At some point between 2013 and 2015 Trefusis was sold to Praa Sands Gig Club and renamed (again) as ‘Poll Gwragh’. 



Phoenix, was launched in 2020 and built by Patrick Bird. She enjoys her status as our main racing gig!


Launched on August 19th 2017, ‘Ansom has remained a stalwart of the docks ever since. That’s not to say ‘Ansom hasn’t ventured further afield. ‘Ansom has been a regular participant in the Great River Race and, at just 2 months old, made the long trip to Scotland to row coast to coast and 60 miles from Fort William to Inverness. Judging from the pictures on the website, the weather looked typically varied for Scotland with reports of meter high waves and high winds! No doubt that ‘Ansom handled the conditions with ease and bought our rowers safely home.



Our newest gig. A GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) boat, we hope that our members enjoy this lower maintenance boat that can stay out on the river through the whole year.

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