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bOOK a rOW

All our row booking is through

Once your application has been approved you will be able to choose the dates and times of your rows.

Rows are published monthly and will run once there are sufficient rowers and coxes.

Notifications for each row will be through the 'Crew' WhatsApp group. 

Rowter Image.png


To book:

  1. On the calendar icon at the top of the page, pick the day you would like to row.

  2. You will see the available rows and the type of rows.  Some of these will not be available to you, for example a squad row if you are not on a selected crew.  Open rows and Social rows are open to everyone.

  3. You will see your name in a coloured square.

  4. The colour of the square shows what sort of rower you are - male, female or cox.

  5. In the corner of the square are some small  arrows, these show your preferred rowing side, either stroke (on the left as you face the cox) or bow (on the right as you face the cox) or both if you have not expressed a preference. 

  6. Click firstly on the box with your name and then go to the position on the boat that you would like to have, and click there. 

  7. The positions are listed from 6 to 1 with 6 being the stroke position. Stroke will direct the timing for the row and everyone else will follow.

  8. You should then see your square in the boat.

  9. Congratulations!
    You have booked your session.

Booking TIPS

  • If the row is full, you can place your name on a 'Reserve' box above the boat image.

  • Being in reserve does not automatically place you in the boat and if a spot becomes free, you will need to do this manually to get the place in the boat.

  • Communications over seat places are normally through the 'Crew' WhatsApp Group, so you need to make sure you are on this.

  • Try to arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your row to be able to sort the boat equipment, oars, seats etc.

  • The exception to this may be if you know that your boat will be coming in from an earlier session.

  • Allow time at the end of the row to sort equipment back into the boathouse neatly.

  • If you are not able to make a row or you are running late, you must let the rest of the crew know as soon as possible.

  • It is your responsibility to reach out to others on the reserve list or otherwise to try and fill the space.

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